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Business Insider: The 18 Hottest Companies in Enterprise DevOps

DevOps is going from buzzword to serious business.

The term DevOps combines the words “development” and “operations,” and it refers to the tools and practices that help engineers fix and deliver code faster and more frequently…

SDTimes: Defining software quality metrics for Agile and DevOps

In a a Tricentis-commissioned report from Forrester released in July, “The Definitive Software Quality Metrics For Agile+DevOps,” surveyors found that it’s a common trait of companies that have seen the most success from Agile and DevOps adoption that they have made another operational transition.

CIOApplications Europe: Tricentis: Stalwarts of Continuous Software Testing

The stories of software failure across a myriad of industries continue to make headlines…

Siliconrepublic: 13 Wonderful startups from Vienna to watch

Vienna is not only in the heart of Europe, it has a beating heart full of innovation that is hard to beat. Austria’s capital city Vienna is a cultural icon in terms of music, art, history and architecture, and it is also a start-up hotspot.

SDTimes: Tricentis merges with software testing company QASymphony

Tricentis has announced a new merger with QASymphony to drive continuous testing to enterprise DevOps. The news follows Tricentis’ recent acquisition of the Q-up test data management platform provider to advance continuous testing.

Forbes: Continuous Testing, Because Nobody Turns The Internet Off

This need for an unremitting and unbroken approach to app testing has given rise to complete ‘platform level’ software tools designed to apply testing measures to our apps — consequently, mergers and acquisitions in this space are growing.

SiliconANGLE: Tricentis and QASymphony are merging to form a software testing powerhouse

Tricentis GmbH and QASymphony Inc., two of the industry’s top providers of tools for performing software testing, today announced plans to merge in a move that will turn up the heat on competitors.

TechMarketView: Tricentis/QASymphony merger underlines testing software disruption

Together their aim is to disrupt traditional testing methodologies, enabling next gen testing to keep pace with demand for rapid and continuous app development.

4 trends to watch as IT automation expands

Experts explain how IT automation trends will impact business strategy

SD Times – Tricentis acquires load testing provider Flood IO

Tricentis is bolstering its software testing expertise with the acquisition of Flood IO. Flood IO is an on-demand load testing solution provider designed to maximize test strategies, provide feedback loops, and discover issues in real time.

Load Testing Retail Sites: How to Survive the Holiday Surge

Tips on how to avoid the slow-downs and outages that come with the heavier website traffic of the holiday shopping season.

Bringing AI to Automated Testing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be necessary for automated testing to keep pace with software development and deployment.

9 ways you’re failing at business intelligence

Solid business intelligence is essential to making strategic business decisions, but for many organizations, BI efforts are derailed by poor data practices, tactical mistakes and more.

Enterprise Tech – Tricentis Acquires Load Testing Startup

Flood IO allows DevOps teams to test how applications scale as users around the world place heavy stresses on the underlying software. Flood IO’s upfront testing capability is critical as DevOps teams seek to become more agile in how they manage application life cycles.

AppDeveloper Magazine – Why Tricentis acquired Flood IO

Flood’s breakthrough technology frees load testing from resource-intensive performance labs and “shifts it left” with a simplified and highly-scalable approach. Together, Tricentis and Flood are transforming load testing for today’s lean, fast-paced delivery pipelines.

Silicon Angle – Tricentis makes its first acquisition to help developers build more scalable apps

Ensuring that a service can efficiently accommodate an increase in usage is simultaneously one of the most difficult and most important items on enterprise development teams’ checklist. It’s a particularly big priority when it comes to web services, which in some cases must serve upwards of millions of users per month.

Venture Beat – Automated software testing company Tricentis acquires load-testing platform Flood IO

Load-testing involves putting deliberate demands on a website, network, device, or application to test how well it responds under peak conditions. Flood IO targets DevOps teams with tools to allow them to test how their applications perform and scale with huge loads emanating from around the world.

Forbes – Startup Raises $165 Million To Take Microsoft, HPE Customers In $34 Billion Market

In the battle for a single market, being big can cost you customers and being small can help you gain market share. Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are losing customers to Los Altos, Calif. and Vienna, Austria-based automated software testing tool supplier, Tricentis in the $34 billion software testing market. – Tricentis Acquires Flood IO, Scaling Open Source On-Demand Load Testing for DevOps

Flood’s breakthrough technology frees load testing from resource-intensive performance labs and “shifts it left” with a simplified and highly-scalable approach. Together, Tricentis and Flood are transforming load testing for today’s lean, fast-paced delivery pipelines.

Network World – New products of the week 5.15.17

Powered by machine learning, autonomous SAP testing automatically observes and understands patterns in end-user transactions, generates business process tests, and reports when changes in the SAP environment could impact business processes.

TechTarget – The secret weapon in the war on software testing automation

There’s a reason it’s taking a while for software testing automation to kick in. It’s just not easy to do. The Tricentis answer to that is a tool, Tosca, that requires no scripting at all.

SD Times – Continuous testing in a fast-paced agile and DevOps world

“Testing needs to be as fast and as dynamic as our agile development processes, otherwise we are going to have delays in developing and shipping it to operations,” said Wolfgang Platz, founder and CPO of Tricentis.

SD Times – Application release automation lets people, processes and tools move in harmony

“Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT) and Continuous Delivery (CD) have emerged as key catalysts for enabling quality at speed,” said Wolfgang Platz, founder and CPO of Tricentis.  “Of the three, Continuous Testing is by far the most challenging.”

Network World – Tricentis and Panaya automate SAP testing

The partnership between Tricentis and Panaya makes total sense. The solution automatically tests SAP business processes, diving into applications and using AI to observe user patterns and understand what is going on. It then develops tests based on those real interactions.

Inside SAP – Panaya and Tricentis develop first autonomous SAP test platform

In an industry first, a platform enabling fully autonomous software testing in SAP environments will eliminate the need for time-consuming manually-engineered test scripts as well as their inherent risks.

Reuters – Austrian Software Firm Raises $165M to Take on HPE and IBM in Software Testing

Tricentis has emerged as a leader in automating how big businesses test software. Tricentis ranks as the leader in software test automation by Gartner and Forrester, a market where it has made in-roads against established players HPE, IBM, and a variety of start-ups by taking a highly automated approach to testing in contrast to older script-based approaches of rivals.

Network World – Tricentis Scoops up Mega Cash to Help Enterprises Test Software

Tricentis must be doing something right, since it received a monster $165 million Series B round from Insight Venture Partners. The funding comes after an awesome year of validation for the company—both Gartner and Forrester called out Tricentis as a “vendor to watch.” Customers seem to be raving about the Tricentis product suite as well.

TechCrunch – Insight Venture Partners Invests $165 Million in Automated Testing Startup Tricentis

Today’s agile development require a much faster solution than brittle scripts. That’s where Tricentis comes in. “What we do is scan the application, both the GUI and API, and interpret the code natively. We interpret and understand [the application] functionally at a business layer, and [create testing] building blocks. If the program is updated, you simply rescan.”

SiliconANGLE – Tricentis Hauls in Huge $165M Funding Round to Automate Software Testing

The software testing market isn’t generally thought of as a hotbed of venture capital investment, but Tricentis is aiming to put that image to rest with today’s announcement of a massive $165 million series B financing round. Tricentis is betting that the large-scale shift to Agile and DevOps will turbocharge the market for automated testing tools.

VentureBeat – Automated Software Testing Company Tricentis Raises $165 Million

Tricentis offers a range of products and services to help companies automate the testing of their software, including Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle. One of its flagship tools is Tricentis Tosca, which enables continuous testing to allow companies to automatically receive real-time feedback on perceived business risks associated with a particular version of software.

Investopedia – Former HP Exec Lands Funding for Software Startup

Gartner and Forrester project Tricentis as the leader in the software test automation space, beating out legacy tech players such as HPE and IBM. Johri attributes the success to the firm’s highly automated approach to testing. Moving forward, Tricentis could be positioned to gain immensely from a total global software testing market estimated to reach $34 billion.

LightReading – S/W Test Startup Hits Vencap Jackpot

Relatively tiny compared to its best-known rivals, Tricentis attracted attention by popping up cheek-by-jowl with IBM and HPE among the leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for the software test market the last two years running. Forrester has also ranked Tricentis highly. The company’s claim to fame is the extent to which it has automated testing process.

Silicon Valley Business Journal – HP Veteran Scores Huge $165M Funding to Grow Software Testing Startup

Tricentis helps its Fortune 5000 customers automate their testing instead of needing to manually do most of it with the help of developers. “That can be very costly,” Johri said. “We can help them automate more than 90 percent of the testing they do and make it so it is continuously done on a regular basis.”

QA-Financial – Tricentis Raises $165M in Bid for Global Leadership in Automated Testing

While other IT vendors offer DevOps platforms, Tricentis has a lead in the test automation technologies, including test service virtualization, that will drive efficiencies in software development. “We’re going to see a significant clean-up and consolidation in the [quality assurance and testing] vendor landscape…”

SD Times – Tricentis raises $165 Million for Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing company Tricentis has announced a US$165 million round of funding. Tricentis aims to give users the tools they need to easily automate testing, control business risks and keep up with the speed of DevOps. Continuous Testing has been identified as the linchpin to achieve agility and ultimately competitive differentiation.

Software Testing News – The Biggest Software Fails of 2016

The Software Fail Watch analyses all software bugs reported in 2016. The result is an extraordinary reminder of why effective software testing is so crucial to every business. It identifies 548 recorded software fails affecting some 4.4 billion people and US$1.1 trillion… in assets. It highlights year-on-year software fail statistics and trends…

SD Times – Avoiding the Pitfalls of Automated Testing

Tricentis’ Michael Eckhoff said that one of the biggest pitfalls he sees is companies trying to pick a software automation tool and expecting it to solve all of their problems. What companies really need to do is figure out how to pick the right tool that best meets their needs, and to ensure that the company is ready for it …

Computerworld – Report Ranks 100 Enterprise IT Products Based on User Reviews

For the second year running, Tricentis was rated the top functional testing tool by IDG Enterprise and IT Central Station.  Considerations included the maturity of the product, support, reliability, compatibility, reporting capabilities and ease of use…

TEST Magazine – Is the Future of Testing a Developer’s Discipline?

We have a problem. Although agile methodologies and DevOps have reduced development cycle times significantly, today’s software testing is still dominated by manual tests. Obviously, this won’t fare well once DevOps is introduced into the enterprise. Whether they like it or not, enterprises are being forced to adopt test automation early on…

SuperbCrew – Tricentis – Groundbreaking Approach to Automated Enterprise Software Testing

Tricentis delivers continuous software testing solutions for enterprises. The company’s innovative approach to software testing enables organizations to achieve revolutionary automation rates while minimizing business risks. Tricentis’ solutions empower organizations to systematically align software testing with business needs…

QA Financial – How Vantiv Automated Testing

Speaking at the QA Financial Forum New York, Tricentis’ Michael Eckhoff explains how his firm has helped Vantiv, the leading credit card processing and payments company, implement automated functional testing. Eckhoff discusses the major pain points for banks as they embark on their digital transformation…

SD Times – Building Up Service Virtualization

Service virtualization has remained a somewhat unknown but fairly reliable path toward saving developers time and money. But what is service virtualization, exactly? Essentially, it manifests as a server within your test environment that can replicate the streams of information that make up the various services used in applications…

CIO Review – Tricentis: Bringing the Advantage of Continuous Testing to DevOps

Continuous Testing is a critical process within the software development lifecycle. The process provides project teams with constant feedback, enabling performance improvements while software testing. It also strikes the optimal balance between quality and time to market. Tricentis is bringing the advantages of continuous testing to the forefront…

CIO Review – Tricentis: Bringing the Advantage of Continuous Testing to DevOps

Continuous Testing is a critical process within the software development lifecycle. The process provides project teams with constant feedback, enabling performance improvements while software testing. It also strikes the optimal balance between quality and time to market. Tricentis is bringing the advantages of continuous testing to the forefront…

SuperbCrew – Tricentis – Automated Enterprise End-To-End Software Testing Solutions

Tricentis’ unique model-based approach to software test automation enables organizations to achieve unprecedented automation rates and in same time maximize business risk coverage. Following is our recent interview with Franz Fuchsberger, Tricentis‘ Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer…

TEST Magazine – 20 Leading Testing Providers

For the second year in a row, Tricentis was named one of the 20 leading testing providers by TEST Magazine…

Siebel Hub – Interview with Tricentis

Tricentis Tosca is a continuous testing suite which specializes in enabling enterprises to optimize, manage, and automate their software testing. Tricentis Tosca uses a methodology called Linear Expansion to minimize the number of test cases needed for testing, while at the same time optimizing the test cases for maximum risk coverage…

ASP Announces Ten Winners for “Best Web Support Sites”

Tricentis, the continuous testing company and market leader in software testing solutions for enterprises was among the top 10 winners of the ASP Award for 2016 for their Support Websites and placed first in its category…

Software Magazine – Not Just a Test

Tricentis Tosca offers business risk optimization, model-based test automation, test data management, and service virtualization. The model-based solution extends beyond script-based methods of record and play to provide testing automation in a more robust, cost effective, and scalable way. It helps enterprise prioritize and create the right test cases…

Testing Circus – Why Agile Approaches Will Prevail

Agile methodologies enforce cooperation. One of the key agile principles is ‘Individuals and interactions over processes and tools’ – which very simply means that people talk to each other, work together… they cooperate in order to create a better product for their customers faster. Agile methodologies, and thus cooperation, pay off…

EDN Network – Peter Spitzer: Test Engineer of the Year

Peter Spitzer was awarded the Test and Measurement World’s Test Engineer of the Year. A member of the Tricentis team since 2008, Peter is currently the Team Lead responsible for quality assurance of Tricentis Tosca, including creation/ planning and implementation of test concepts and reporting the test results to all stakeholders…

QA-Financial – Tricentis Survey Ranks Banks Behind Government in “Fail Watch”

A criminal gang exploited vulnerabilities in the security systems of the central bank of Bangladesh and SWIFT payments software to steal $81 million in February — the most costly software bug classified in the first quarter by Austrian testing service provider Tricentis in its regular Software Fail Watch…