Partner - bneXt Inc.

Your Trusted SAP Partner in Digital Transformation

As a trusted SAP Gold Partner, bneXt empowers users to navigate their digital transformation journey with confidence. Our expert team, equipped with deep SAP knowledge, crafts custom solutions tailored to users’ specific needs. bneXt offers a broad array of services, from strategic consulting, training and certifications, and implementations, to ongoing support that ensures long-term success.

bneXt+ Tricentis

bneXt’s deep SAP knowledge ensures for secure, scalable solutions fit to users’ specific business needs. As an SAP Gold Partner, users can ensure that the implementation will be seamless. With Tricentis, a leader in software testing, provides a smooth SAP implementation with its advanced tools that can simplify processes, and ensure high-quality results.

Effortless Execution

Experience an effortless and seamless SAP implementation, accelerating your digital journey combined with Tricentis’ AI-powered automation acts as an assistance, making the SAP implementation seamless for users.

Optimized Testing, Maximized Efficiency

As a trusted SAP Gold Partner, bneXt guides your SAP transformation journey. Leverage the expertise to craft custom solutions and integrate Tricentis’ industry-leading testing tools. This powerful combination ensures streamlined workflows and minimizes disruptions for faster results.

Reduced Risk & Enhanced Security

bneXt prioritizes security with expertise in secure SAP implementations. Tricentis’ tedious testing acts as a shield, minimizing vulnerabilities for a smooth, secure SAP transformation.