Driving Data, Action, and Outcomes

Accenture is a multinational professional services company that specializes in various industries, with a focus on building meaningful relationships with each enterprise. The Accenture and Tricentis alliance provides next level solutions through Testing Automation.

Accenture + Tricentis

Accenture and Tricentis work together by combining Accenture’s open testing ecosystem and Tricentis’ continuous testing software.

Testing with Tosca

Accenture integrates Tricentis Tosca into their application testing services, which helps clients use testing across multiple platforms in order to rapidly launch new applications and manage risk with ease.

Accelerated Automation Rates

Tricentis’ model-based test automation and test case design approach helps drive significant performance improvements to testing projects with automation rates that can reach over 90%.

Reduced Testing Costs

Accenture uses Tosca to drive innovation and agile automation across the delivery life cycle. Tricentis’ software helped Accenture increase productivity five-fold and reduce testing costs by over 40%.