AI-powered Performance Optimization

Akamas AI-powered optimization enables enterprises and online businesses to extract unprecedented levels of performance, resilience and cost savings from their technology stacks. Founded by veterans in performance engineering, Akamas is headquartered in Milan with offices in Boston, Los Angeles and Singapore.

Akamas + Tricentis

Akamas provides an out-of-the-box integration with Tricentis NeoLoad that makes it possible to automate load testing activities as part of Akamas custom workflows. NeoLoad users can quickly benefit from Akamas AI-driven tuning capabilities.

Automated load testing

Akamas provides a dedicated NeoLoad operator that can be used to automate any NeoLoad load testing scenarios. Moreover, Akamas integration with NeoLoad can be bi-directional: any definition of services and systems and NeoLoad configuration itself could be inherited thanks to the Akamas API and CLI interface, which allows Akamas optimization studies and workflows to be automatically defined.

Automated performance Optimization

Tuning today IT stacks with hundreds of configurations defies human experts. Akamas AI-powered optimization solution automates Neoload load testing to identify optimal configurations that deliver unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience at minimum cost.