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Faultless Digital Performance

In today’s world testing and digital assurance is very important. However, this is often addressed too late which may lead to additional measures and unnecessary costs. Issues not caught or caught too late due to inadequate testing can result in production problems, user expectations not met and damage to one’s reputation.

Atos + Tricentis

Just as the athletes train relentlessly to be in the best possible shape to perform during the Olympic Games, Atos’ testing teams are trained and in the best possible shape when implementing and practicing Tricentis test automation. Our testing procedures seamlessly integrate into the complete planning cycle and therefore can easily be incorporated into customers’ processes and procedures. At Atos, we are completely flexible to meet all testing requirements as well as to implement Tricentis test automation in all forms of testing. Together with Tricentis, we can succeed with a moderate number people and assets involved in testing and operations, yet deliver high quality results.

Iterative and Progressive Testing Timeline

From testing single results, we easily move to integration tests, acceptance tests and end-to-end business process tests until everything is in place, tested and ready for operations.

Quality, Speed, and Accuracy

Atos offers a complete portfolio of testing and digital assurance services for your enterprise. Our expertise includes market-specific testing solutions & distributed delivery.

Trusted Test Automation

Atos investments in Industry-specific test labs and market-leading testing tools ensure comprehensive test coverage and quality in every test engagement. This protects our customers’ brand and reputation, while confidently delivering the technology needed to drive the digital enterprise