Partner-Cambridge Technology

Accelerating Transformation Journeys with Data, Intelligence, and Automation

Cambridge Technology (CT) is a digital and AI transformation partner for data engineering, analytics, SaaS, and DevOps expertise. We help businesses accelerate digital journeys with intelligence, automation, best practices, and test-driven deployments.

Cambridge Technology + Tricentis

Cambridge Technology (CT) and Tricentis help businesses simplify testing, accelerate deployments, unify data, and streamline continuous delivery pipelines. The collaboration helps customers boost innovation, increase visibility, and unlock new opportunities.

Accelerated Deployments

Cambridge Technology (CT’s) and Tricentis accelerate multi-cloud and on-premise deployments with SaaS, DevOps, and ease in testing. With Cambridge Technology’s DevOps strategies, automation, and best practices, and Tosca’s ability to accelerate end-to-end testing, we boost innovation and cut complexities.

Unified Data Engineering

We simplify data engineering and integrity by using data better. While CT’s Data Engineering services create systems that unify, transform and store data, Tricentis’ Data Integrity maintains data quality and ensures the right data travels between source systems and warehouses.

Intelligence-Based Analytics

Use actionable data-based insights and unified test data to unlock new opportunities and revenue streams. CT and Tricentis’ Data Analytics services help businesses differentiate with DevOps-based agile lifecycles, full-cycle cross-project visibility, and intelligence-based powerful analytics.