Partner - Chroma Enterprise Solutions (CES)

Revolutionize Your Workflow

At Chroma, we are your all-encompassing partner for optimizing your SAP journey. From strategic planning through meticulous implementation to unwavering ongoing support, we stand by your side to fulfill all your SAP needs. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum, from architecting global deployments to pioneering innovative solutions for core business applications. Our commitment at Chroma is to enhance your SAP experience, drive efficiency, and unlock the full potential of your business processes.

Chroma Enterprise Solutions + Tricentis

Unlock Productivity Potential

Maximize efficiency and streamline operations with Chroma Enterprise Solutions, enabling task and process automation to elevate overall productivity. Harness the power of SAP automation for unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

Solutions And Frameworks

We provide exceptional value by simplifying complex processes and facilitating user-friendly maintenance. Our offerings encompass Agile Methodology, Rapid Deployment, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, and Test Automation, ensuring on-demand releases.

Industry Verticals

Explore new horizons and unlock boundless potential for unparalleled growth and success. Our portfolio spans CPG Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Pharma and Life Sciences, and Retail and Wholesale Distribution.

Business Processes

Unlock peak performance by transforming your operations with efficient processes and optimized workflows, including CPQ, OTC, PTP, STC, PTM, STP, RTR, and HTR.