Partner - Citel Group

Innovative Solutions Provider

Citel Group as an Innovative Solutions Provider, targets innovation to support customers in E2E Digital Transformation processes from the design management, through development, maintainance and Quality Engineering. The QE team is composed by +100 skilled/certified resources providing services h24 7×7.

Citel Group + Tricentis

The partnership between Citel Group and Tricentis enforces our focus on delivering Quality and Test Automation services we are pursuing for 20 years. It allows us to enlarge and strengthen our automation tools landscape.

Complex Environment Automation

Citel Group is working for huge companies with very complex IT architecture (+300 applications) and it’s providing unique E2E automation services for integration test through Tosca, managing in parallel different test environments and production environment.

Shift Left Approach

Citel Group supports client in the definition, implementation and run of the E2E demand process fostering the Shift Left Approach (bringing testing to the upper development phases) to improve the quality of the released software.

Decoupling Layer

Citel Group, in order to apply a factory approach, not dependent on the tool selected by the client, defined a decoupling layer that allows to design and write down test scripts in an universal form (using Gerkhin) to be then implemented working extremely good having Tosca on the other side.