Partner - Diligent Global Tech Inc

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with AI enabled Testing

Diligent Global Tech is a specialized technology consulting firm that provides end-to-end enterprise application services. Our areas of expertise include SAP, Microsoft, and infrastructure services, which we leverage to deliver customized solutions that improve business processes and performance for our clients. Our comprehensive services include consulting, implementation, migration, and testing.

Diligent + Tricentis

With our expertise in Enterprise Application Services especially SAP, we are uniquely positioned to deliver customized solutions that improve business processes and performance for our clients. Tricentis testing solutions will enable Diligent to offer faster, more efficient and more reliable testing, which will ensure system stability, data integrity, and compliance with business processes, ultimately reducing operational risks and minimizing financial impact.

This partnership will also help Diligent offer more comprehensive and customized solutions to its clients, improving their business processes and enhancing their customer experience.

One Size Fits All

Diligent leverages Tosca for end-to-end business processes testing across diverse applications in a complex tech landscape, which improves consistency, simplifies training, offers a unified view, and reduces testing costs by eliminating the need for multiple tech/application specific tools.

Integrated and Intelligent

As businesses rely on emerging technologies to build integrated and intelligent processes, and drive innovation, testing becomes more critical. Diligent’s technology consulting expertise coupled with Continuous Testing and Data Integrity solutions from Tricentis are necessary due to the complexity arising from emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IOT, and Robotic Process Automation.

Speed and Accuracy

To keep up with new innovations and reduce time-to-market, Agile and DevOps methods are increasingly adopted by organization into their SAP release cycles, which requires “Continuous Testing” and “Shift-left Testing” for faster, more accurate deployments. Diligent’s expertise in SAP and SAP certified Testing tools from Tricentis help reduce release cycles, increase test coverage, and provide faster feedback loops, allowing businesses to adopt latest innovation features from SAP at a faster pace.