Quality Engineering Solutions

IBM is a recognized leader in cloud application management services with the in-depth expertise to manage all your applications whether they run on the cloud, on-prem, and/or private. One of their core products is the IBM IGNITE Quality and Test, which is the first platform in the market devoted to quality with speed, instead of just testing.

IBM + Tricentis

IBM and Tricentis work together to create the best quality engineering solutions to improve your testing experience. IBM IGNITE and Tricentis Tosca complement each other with each of their strengths. IGNITE offers advisory & strategy, optimization & automation, and performance while Tosca provides faster testing, risk reduction, and lower costs. When paired together, our solutions are unmatched.

Comprehensive Testing Capability

We work together by leveraging the IGNITE Method, Platform, Skills, Learning Functions. By combining forces, we can optimize test models and test automation as well as maximize performance with fewer defects for our customers.

Specialized Cloud Testing

Tricentis and IBM’s Center of Excellence delivers a variety of engagement approaches including SaaS testing, API/Microservices testing and Cloud testing circles. For instance, IBM’s IGNITE offering can help with each step throughout your move to Cloud. From Application Migration to Application Operations, IGNITE helps advise and strategize on how to make the most of your testing experience.

Quality Engineering Delivered

IBM and Tricentis software work together seamlessly by reducing effort, accelerating testing, delivering insight, and being cloud ready in unique ways. For example, IBM Ignite significantly reduces test cases and with better quality as Tricentis Tosca leverages artificial intelligence and the cloud to reduce test cycle times as much as 80%.