Partner - ImpactQA

Where Excellence Meets Innovation in Software Testing and QA Consulting

ImpactQA is a global software testing and quality assurance consulting company that provides services such as Quality Engineering, AI-based Test Automation, Performance Engineering, Security Testing, and a suite of continuous and automated testing services integrated seamlessly into the Software Development Life Cycle.

ImpactQA + Tricentis

ImpactQA, a dedicated Tricentis partner, excels in end-to-end Test Life Cycle – Test Management and defect Management, Test Automation, and Performance Testing, using Tricentis tools namely qTest, Tosca, NeoLoad, LiveCompare and providing integrated testing for accelerated software development.

Accelerated Test Cycles

Utilizing Tricentis Tosca’s codeless, AI-driven framework, we accelerate software deployment, substantially shortening test cycles for rapid outcomes, facilitating quicker market entry strategies, and enhancing overall efficiency in software development processes.

Deep Business Process Expertise

By integrating Tricentis Tosca with our profound expertise in SAP, Oracle Cloud, and other systems, we provide customized, high-value automation solutions that minimize risk and are specifically tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Team Certified on Tricentis Tools

Our team, consisting of certified Tricentis Automation Consultants, possesses extensive experience, enabling us to greatly enhance your test automation efforts through expert knowledge and application of advanced Tricentis methodologies and tools.