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Infosys provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. With almost four decades of experience and expertise in managing systems and global enterprises, Infosys drives change with their AI-powered core, agile digital at scale, and continuous improvement.

Infosys + Tricentis

Infosys and Tricentis work together to discover important performance improvements in testing projects. Through the partnership, Infosys and Tricentis collaborate on many projects including the automation script conversion accelerators to Tosca and the Panaya-Tricentis Integration. When utilized, these applications improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency for all your testing needs.

Cost Reduction

Through the alliance, Infosys can significantly reduce cost burdens for enterprises through automated QA and testing solutions.

Enhanced Capabilities

The partnership enhances Infosys’ capabilities in delivering agile testing, including implementation of continuous integration (CI) tools and support for exploratory testing and behavior-driven development.

Functional Test Automation

By working with Tricentis, Infosys has developed functional test automation of applications with Enterprise commercial packages. Key examples include Sabre, Siebel, and Workday.