Partner - IT Convergence

Experience the power of results

IT Convergence is a global Oracle Platinum Partner with a comprehensive service offering across all three pillars of the Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), including Consulting (Advisory), Private Cloud (Hosting), Managed Services, Cloud Migration, Integration, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Cybersecurity, Development, RPA, Testing, Training, and Change Management services.

IT Convergence + Tricentis

IT Convergence and Tricentis work together to deliver best-in-class performance testing, optimization and automation of mission-critical applications for the most demanding enterprise customers worldwide. The alliance enables IT Convergence and Tricentis to propose an integrated approach to performance engineering, allowing its customers to manage applications’ performance, end-to-end, in every stage of the SDLC.

Reliability, responsiveness and resiliency

IT Convergence integrates Tricentis Neoload in its Performance Engineering offering to allow its customers to improve the services provided by its customers to the end users, increasing the reliability, responsiveness and resiliency of the applications.

Performance by design

IT Convergence leverages Tricentis Neoload platform to support its customers to develop applications with a “performance first” approach, enabling the automated evaluation of the performance signature of developed services from the early stages of the SDLC.

Automated Performance Optimization

IT Convergence addresses the tuning of modern IT systems combining the capabilities of Neoload and Akamas, the AI-powered optimization solution that automates the identification of optimal configurations to deliver unprecedented levels of service performance and resilience.