Partner - Lutech Advanced Solutions SpA

Digital Evolution Company

Lutech Advanced Solutions is a leader in software testing, in partnership with Tricentis. Lutech delivers innovative solutions to accelerate digital transformation. With a holistic approach, it maximises efficiency and minimises risks, guiding businesses towards technological success.

Lutech Advanced Solutions + Tricentis

Lutech integrates consultancy, technology, and delivery capabilities to guide you through Digital Transformation and create the best customer experience. We design customized end-to-end solutions to meet your company’s business targets, drawing on our experience in building customer engagement and sales paths in digital and in-store channels. Our solutions are crafted around your customers, data, and expectations.

Lutech and Tricentis: Revolutionizing Software Testing Together

Lutech boasts extensive experience and established best practices in Test Automation Services, backed by a longstanding partnership with Tricentis and over 50 certifications.

Empower Your Digital Journey with Lutech and Tricentis Partnership

Lutech’s Quality Assurance practice offers Testing Services for projects developed by other vendors, serving as an ‘independent third party,’ as well as a specialized testing team within Digital Transformation projects managed directly by other Lutech practices.

Innovation Meets Excellence: Lutech's Solutions Powered by Tricentis

Furthermore, Lutech’s Quality Assurance practice possesses deep functional expertise in crucial customer contexts across diverse business verticals, facilitating a clear comprehension of End-to-End scenarios suitable for Automation.