Partner-Mediro ICT

ICT solutions for evolving strategies and business goals.

Mediro ICT is an Information Technology company operating in southern Africa. Mediro has strategic relationships with best-in-class software and hardware vendors, Managed Service Providers, and outsource partners to empower and support our client’s digital transformation on the African continent.

Mediro ICT + Tricentis

Mediro ICT is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about delivering value-adding services and solving technology problems for our clients. Mediro and Tricentis work together to provide modern software Test solutions and practices that support Agile and DevOps practices.

ERP and CRM testing – Accelerate to save

Mediro has teamed up with Tricentis to reduce risk and costs for ERP and CRM customers. On-premise and Cloud customers accelerate to zero-defect software delivery utilizing the Tricentis test automation platform and Mediro ERP and CRM expert services.

DevOps success – Testing and Monitoring

Successful DevOps and Agile practices require continuous Testing and Monitoring. Mediro’s Dynatrace practice enables monitoring and observability and integrates seamlessly with the Tricentis continuous testing platform in the DevOps cycle.

Service Management excellence

Mediro’s ServiceNow team and Tricentis helps enterprises plan, construct, stabilize, and execute resilient, automated regression tests for ServiceNow applications. Together, we simplify ServiceNow testing and ensure that ServiceNow works flawlessly in the context of complete end-to-end business processes and functional testing of the entire platform.