Partner - Miracle Software Systems

Rethink the way you tackle software testing

Digital transformation begins with the way you build software and at the speed it is delivered. Miracle’s Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering provide a seamless end-to-end testing experience that helps develop high quality products at rapid speed while optimizing costs. With over 26 years of experience in digital product development, our automation methodology and framework is well integrated with agile principles and DevOps strategies, which ensures a consistent ROI during the entire software life cycle.

Miracle Software Systems, Inc. + Tricentis

Miracle Software Systems, Inc., in collaboration with Tricentis, delivers solutions within testing and automation platforms that enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and improve software quality. By pairing Tricentis’s continuous testing platform with Miracle’s deep industry expertise, we enable complete automation to simplify testing and speed cycle time for new digital services.

Enriched SAP Capabilities

By combining Tricentis’ world-class AI testing and automation technology with Miracle’s expertise in implementing enterprise-wide SAP projects, we enabled our customers to achieve 10x faster SAP testing, reduce business risk by 90% or more, and cut testing costs by ~50%.

Automated Salesforce Environment

Miracle services team can help you leverage all the capabilities of the Tricentis Tosca platform to run tests seamlessly across different Salesforce environments and replace 100s of hours of test case maintenance with a 90 second Salesforce Scan.

Advanced Testing Solutions

By leveraging Tricentis continuous testing platform and Miracle’s deep industry expertise, we offer QA/Testing solutions that are fully automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI, accelerating DevOps, digital transformation, and cloud migration.