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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Movate is a leading global digital technology and customer experience services company disrupting the industry with agile human-centered innovation and an outcome-focused approach. For over two decades, Movate has partnered with ambitious, growth-oriented companies across industries enabling them to always stay ahead of the curve.

Movate + Tricentis

Movate and Tricentis are strategic partners with a joint vision to help organizations modernize core business applications, minimize risks, and accelerate continuous testing. Movate’s domain expertise combined with the Tricentis’ powerful platforms, take the bottlenecks out of testing and improve customer experience.

Accelerate Release Cycles

Movate helps organizations by leveraging Tricentis’ cloud-based platforms and AI-powered efficiency to speed up test cycle times by 10X, expediting software delivery, detecting critical bugs earlier, and accelerating release cycles.

Minimize Testing Effort

Movate fully leverages its agile testing approach and Tricentis Tosca, a codeless and AI-powered continuous testing solution. It saves your team’s countless hours creating test cases and maintenance while improving the software quality with 90% risk coverage.

Reduce Operational Cost

Movate has successfully reduced the operational cost of testing by 40% for leading enterprises. It utilizes its testing expertise and Tricentis Neoload, a powerful load and performance testing software solution for web and mobile applications.

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