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Consulting, Design, Support, and Services by Professional

We are a system integrator that provides end-to-end Software Solutions such as Document Management Solutions, Customer Communication Platforms, Testing Automation Platforms, and Software Resource Management including IT information infrastructure solutions such as servers, storage, networking and security infrastructure solutions, surveillance solutions, and printing solutions with professional services.

iT Pro Service Co.,Ltd. + Tricentis

iT Pro Service and Tricentis offer a modernized and automated platform to fasten your application testing process and shorten the time of your services launch to market with the correctness, stability, and reliability of your services.

Cost Effectiveness

Reduce testing time, reduce testing resources, and optimize your applications with our solutions and services. This means cost savings, and increases the quality of your service.

Flexible Services & Investment

We can provide various options for our solutions and services to meet your business objectives and requirements and help you reduce your cost of investment and time.