Value Creator Beyond Platform

Plateer is a Tricentis partner in South Korea who provides top-notch software engineering consultants and professional services based on advanced experience in various methodologies. These areas include Agile, CI/CD, and DevOps solutions with vendors like Tricentis, a global-reaching company with many customers all over the world.

Certified Solution Partner
Test Management

PLATEER + Tricentis

Plateer conducts fast and accurate testing in the customer’s DevOps and CI/CD environments with Tricentis’s TOSCA and qTest to drive stable and efficient testing environment management and testing automation.

Testing from A to Z

Plateer supports building a stable test environment and efficient managing from end-to-end. This is accomplished through utilizing a proven solution and technology.

Consulting Service for DevTestOps

The Plateer consulting team provides the best consulting and professional services for the DevTestOps environment through deep-dive analysis of customer’s DevOps.

Test management for CI/CD

For CI/CD, Plateer provides Tricentis’ qTest for test management which aids in speeding up the testing and deployment process.