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Philippine-based IT-BPM professional services company that has been helping organizations in North America and Asia Pacific for over 17 years. In this world of hyper disruption, organizations need to keep pace with evolving engagement practices, rapidly advancing digital technologies, and ever-changing customer demands. Control your costs, accelerate your digital transformation journey, and delight your customers.

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Test Automation . Test Management

Pointwest + Tricentis

Accelerate your Digital Transformation and bring out excellence in all your testing requirements. Pointwest QA experts leverage Tricentis’ industry-leading products to bring you the best solutions possible.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Remove testing as a hindrance to innovation so you can deploy your applications at blazing speeds. By using the power of innovative test design and automation, your testing time moves extremely fast allowing you to deploy applications faster.

Risk Coverage Optimization

Our expertise allows you to focus on the requirements that cover the most risk. This leads to smarter tests which shows more relevant areas to focus on. Your resources are empowered to expand their test coverage and cover more ground.

Reduced Business Expenses

Discover and fix early in the development cycle as our test design techniques allow you to shift your testing left. The maintainability of our Tosca automation reduces the need for maintenance and reduces the time for test execution – saving you both time and money.