Partner - Prolifics Testing

Software Testing Specialists

Prolifics Testing is focused on providing specialist software testing services, AI-enabled test automation, performance engineering, system integration testing, tools implementation and process improvement. We’ve been established for over 20 years, and as a part of Prolifics Inc., we empower global enterprises to release software faster, more reliably, and at reduced cost, leveraging expertise in Tosca, NeoLoad, and qTest.

Certified Solution Partner
Test Automation . Test Management

Prolifics Testing + Tricentis

Our services leverage the power of the Tricentis testing toolset and include; test automation, performance engineering and test management.

Test Automation

By quickly implementing Tosca best practice and advanced frameworks for enterprise applications, we significantly reduce testing costs, while adding test cycles and increasing delivery speed.

Performance Engineering

Ensure seamless user experience by utilising our service to identify and rectify issues and bottlenecks in Web, Desktop, and API based applications, using Neoload, before they reach your customers, optimising performance, efficiency, and user satisfaction.

Cloud Test Management

We implement and customise qTest for centralised Test Management, linking with automation tools, executing tests and gathering metrics, to maximise governance while ensuring availability and transparency of information across the enterprise.