Change Driven Test Automation

Rev-Trac is an automated change management application that massively reduces risk and enables faster, more frequent, and safe delivery of SAP change. Rev-Trac eliminates error-prone manual SAP change processes and enables you to confidently achieve agile, DevOps and continuous delivery objectives.

Rev-Trac + Tricentis

Using Rev-Trac as your SAP DevOps orchestration platform enables you to seamlessly integrate with Tricentis’ Live Compare, qTest and Tosca to enforce impact analysis, test management and test automation as part of your change delivery strategy.

End-to-end SAP DevOps

Rev-Trac assists organizations in building and managing releases, deploying changes and seamlessly couples with Tricentis’ testing suite to support end-to-end SAP DevOps strategies. Rev-Trac’s workflow becomes the control point for a unified change delivery process.

Guaranteed ROI

Building Tricentis’ testing suite into the enforced Rev-Trac change management process ensures users cannot bypass the test suite, guaranteeing an ongoing use of Tricentis products and a greater return on investment.

Simplify SAP change

An enforced, predictable, and consistent change management and automation process allows change teams to discover issues earlier, pre-empt production issues and collaborate better for faster, more frequent high-quality change.