S2 + Tricentis = Sustainable, Quality Testing Simplified

5 way service (Sales, Consulting, Services, Build & Support). Streamline Your Testing. Simplify and accelerate your testing process with S2’s Tricentis expertise. Achieve efficiency and quality.

S2Integrators + Tricentis

Leader in Accelerated, Sustainable Transformation providing intelligent ERP Solutions, Next-Gen SAP solutions, and services, our expertise helps you automate more, reduce test cycles, and deliver rock-solid sustainable quality. Best-in-class 360 ° service offering in Tricentis solution from Pre-sales to sales, deign, implementation and AMS support services 24/7, 365 days / yr.

Faster Release Cycles:

S2Integrators can help clients leverage Tricentis tools to automate tests, streamline testing processes, and identify and fix bugs early, leading to faster releases.

Quality Software Delivery:

S2Integrators’ expertise in Tricentis can help clients design and execute comprehensive test strategies, resulting in higher quality software with fewer defects.

Maximized ROI:

S2Integrators can help clients get the most out of their Tricentis investment by ensuring clear Roadmap, implementation, training, adoption and ongoing support that is sustainable.