Thinking outside the box

Empowering seamless software development through quality assurance, Thinqist is committed to harnessing the strengths of DevOps. Our mission is to ensure robust and resilient software by embedding quality checks at every step of the development process and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Together, we drive excellence from conception to completion. So, when you think QA, think Thinqist!

Certified Solution Partner
Test Automation


With an extensive tenure at Tricentis under our belts, we proudly align as their esteemed solution partner. Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise and Tricentis’ innovative tools, we orchestrate transformative solutions for our clients, elevating their software testing endeavors to new heights.

Tosca Implementation Partner

Our skilled team is poised to lead your organization through greenfield and brownfield projects, offering comprehensive support across the entire process. As trusted Tricentis solution partners, we provide expert guidance and implementation services, ensuring a smooth journey towards innovation and digital excellence. Partner with us to navigate your digital transformation journey with confidence.

Automation and SAP Expertise

As a trusted SAP Partner, we bring extensive multi-industry experience in test automation, ensuring streamlined and efficient processes. Our dedicated team of SAP experts enhances this expertise, providing additional value and insights tailored to your SAP environment.

Customization, Migration and Integration

We know Tosca to the core. Custom extensions and migrations using the Tosca API’s ensure even non-standard situations can be addressed. With Tosca Connect and custom integration expertise we seamlessly link systems within client environments, ensuring cohesive functionality.