Scriptless Load Testing for the Web

Load testing with traditional tools can be a challenging exercise, requiring coding skills and intimate knowledge of your APIs. Tosca Flood lets any tester start load testing fast. Just run your existing Tricentis Tosca tests (including SAP Fiori tests) in Tricentis Flood.

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A Complete, Scriptless Load Testing Solution

Seamless integration with the industry’s most advanced load testing capabilities


Reuse Tricentis Tosca Tests

Got functional tests? You’re ready to drive massive, distributed load tests.


Create Infrastructure Easily

Forget weeks for server provisioning. Get tests running at scale in minutes.


Pinpoint Bottlenecks Easily

Simplified reporting highlights areas of concern. Fix key problems quickly.

Simplified Test Creation

With our simplified interface, you can launch your Tricentis Tosca test case as a load stream directly from your own computer.  Configure your test in minutes, then sit back and relax as Flood does the rest of the work for you.

Aggregate Reporting View

See overall statistics across all of your test steps, including response time, number of concurrent users, and failed transaction rate.

Step Reporting View

Pinpoint individual test steps causing errors. Review individual response times and error rates to narrow down the scope of investigation.

Step Drill Down

Take a deep dive into detailed error reports, response time statistics and more to determine the root cause of performance bottlenecks.

Shareable Reports

Web-based dashboard that can be shared easily across the team for a common understanding of performance after each build.

Understand Your Application’s Performance

Regular load testing with each build will give you a reliable baseline of application performance you can measure against. Performance regressions can be highlighted quickly, so mean time to resolution stays low.

“By the time we launched, we had tremendous confidence in the system’s performance characteristics. Moreover, we were able to give the business confidence that we could support enough concurrent purchasers and order throughput to see us through a successful marketing push from our partners at American Express and Ticketmaster.”

Josh CronemeyerCTO – LaneOne