Data sheet

Browser-based testing in NeoLoad with RealBrowser

Modern web and cloud native applications have become instrumental to organizations for driving digital business objectives. Ensuring those applications remain highly performant is critical, but this has traditionally been difficult and expensive to achieve with legacy performance tools – most of which don’t even offer browser-based testing capabilities.

That has changed with the release of RealBrowser …

Available as of NeoLoad 9, RealBrowser is included in all editions of NeoLoad and provides browser-based testing capabilities alongside already robust protocol-based testing. With RealBrowser, users can:

  • Easily design tests for complex and dynamic web applications in minutes, regardless of skill level
  • Execute both protocol and browser-based tests from within the same, easy to use UI
  • Capture true end-user performance metrics as experienced through a rendered browser object
  • Ensure excellent digital experiences for internal and external web applications