Model-Based Test Automation

Tricentis MBTA (Model-Based Test Automation) enables resilient test automation — for 160+ technologies. This scriptless approach delivers 90%+ test automation rates while significantly reducing maintenance overhead.

The model-based advantage

Model-based test automation empowers anyone from developers to business experts to contribute to test automation. This approach eliminates the maintenance burden that erodes most test automation initiatives.

Instead of programming a test automation framework, you can rapidly scan the application’s UI or APIs to create a business-readable automation model.

MBTA - Tricentis Tosca Diagram

“Tricentis Tosca’s model-based approach supports test automation at the UI and API layers, service virtualization, and exploratory testing. Productivity features such as UI and API scanning enable users to rapidly build a test repository with reusable assets that are automatically versioned.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation

Build and maintain resilient tests

Tosca models provide Lego-like “building blocks” that can be combined and reused to create your tests. If your application changes (e.g., a field is added or removed), you can simply update the modules, and the change will automatically be propagated to all impacted tests.

Tosca - Model Based Test Automation Flow

Jump start test automation

Tricentis Tosca’s intelligent scanners and recorders help you automatically build tests from hard to identify objects across hundreds of enterprise applications and technologies.

Applications with dynamic object values can quickly corrupt the reliability of test automation. With Tosca, you can now assign unique identifiers so that each object can be consistently identified during test execution.

MBTA - Test Automation Recorder

Achieve Continuous Testing success

In the fast paced world of DevOps, achieving continuous testing becomes a reality with Tricentis MBTA. Our no-code approach helps you create and maintain test automation at the speed of your rapid development changes.

MBTA - Tricentis Tosca Organize Models
Democratize test automation

Non-programmers can rapidly create and manage sophisticated end-to-end tests, without waiting on “technical” resources.

Eliminate false positives

MBTA automatically identifies and manages test elements that trigger false positives.

Maintenance-free test cases

As requirements change, simply update the model once; all impacted test cases are automatically synchronized.



Testers who learn Tricentis Tosca are prepared to tackle any technology or testing type.



Learn the Lego-like test-building process once, and use it to automate everything—SAP, APIs, browsers, mobile, mainframes, custom apps (Java, .NET), and more.



Did new user stories change or break the functionality that users rely on? End-to-end regression testing can alert you in an instant. Learn what changed—plus its impact to the business.



If users abandon your application because it’s slow or unavailable, nothing else matters. Reuse functional tests for load testing to ensure you can handle the expected load.



Stabilize your Continuous Testing by simulating the behavior of evolving/unreliable dependencies. Testers can easily “flip” functional tests to simulate the dependencies they need, eliminating delays while increasing test coverage.


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