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Test Impact Analysis

Fast feedback lies at the heart of Agile and DevOps. However, enterprise test suites are often too extensive to execute during CI. Tricentis Test Impact Analysis speeds up testing by executing only the tests impacted by the latest code changes.

What is Test Impact Analysis?

Test impact analysis is a change-based testing practice that rapidly exposes issues in new/modified code since the previous test run by applying two main principles:

1. CORRELATE all regression tests (even end-to-end regression tests) to code and select only the tests associated with the latest round of code changes

2. ORDER those regression tests based on their likelihood of detecting a problem—and prioritize execution of the ones that are most likely to expose defects.


Slash Regression Testing Time

Uncover 90% of faulty builds in 2% of the complete test execution time

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Eliminate Test Gaps

Determine where additional tests need to be added—and when sufficient code coverage has already been achieved.


Streamline Defect Remediation

Fixing defects is much faster and easier when your test failures provide the precise path to the responsible code