Tricentis Tosca Copilot

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Powered by advanced LLMs and intuitive design, Tosca Copilot helps teams boost test automation productivity and optimize their existing portfolios by quickly summarizing complex tests and execution results for actionable insights. Designed specifically for the Tosca environment and embedded within Tosca’s framework, this add-on is designed to enhance efficiency and application quality across all stages of the testing lifecycle.

Request a demo to see how Tosca Copilot can help you:

  • Increase productivity and simplify maintenance: Get an explanation of complex, end-to-end test cases in natural language to quickly understand test case functions, linked assets, and more.
  • Troubleshoot issues faster: Make sense of failed tests and get insights on test execution, so you can quickly resolve issues and shorten release cycles.
  • Optimize test portfolios: Convert plain language to Tosca Query Language (TQL) that can help you find unused test cases, unlinked assets, and duplicates so you can optimize your portfolio and save hours of manual work.

How to get started

Want to get started with Tosca Copilot? You’ll need the following:

  • Tosca version 16.0 or above
  • Subscription licensing
  • An active Tosca Cloud license.  We recommend that an administrator sets up the initial tenant and assigns seats to team members. For more information, read this article.