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This is the curated collection of our best NeoLoad testing resources. Tricentis NeoLoad is designed for the complexities of modern enterprises. It is purpose-built to be flexible and fast, working with complementary testing solutions and toolchains, to enable continuous performance testing.

Key findings from the 2020 State of Performance Engineering Report

In this webinar, the authors of the State of Performance Engineering Report talk through what the survey revealed about how organizations approach software performance amid this new reality. Watch it to hear their perspective on the data and to hear their recommendations for addressing top performance engineering challenges.


Simplify Citrix performance testing with Tricentis NeoLoad

Learn how NeoLoad will make your Citrix performance testing easier and faster than any option on the market.

Automation best practices: Setting your team up for success

Every company developing software should endeavor to have automation testing in place. While test automation can be a struggle, there are many companies that are executing a very successful test automation strategy.

5 steps for migrating from LoadRunner to a modern, enterprise-grade performance testing solution

We interviewed 10 enterprise customers who made the switch to Tricentis NeoLoad and asked them about how their performance testing needs had changed, what their migration process looked like, and the challenges they faced along the way. We have distilled the key takeaways from our research into this webinar presentation.


Introducing Tricentis NeoLoad: Behind the Neotys acquisition

In this webinar, you will learn how the two companies are coming together to redefine Continuous Testing with enterprise continuous load testing. Our executives will share what this acquisition means for customers and the market at large, as well as how you can leverage Neotys and Tricentis Tosca to improve performance and accelerate the delivery of updates across SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and other enterprise applications.


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