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Tricentis NeoLoad

NeoLoad performance testing features

Customers tell us time and again, the reason they chose NeoLoad is because of its ease of use, speed to create and maintain tests, and scalability. Here are the NeoLoad features that make that happen.

NeoLoad banner featuring woman running a load test

Performance test design

Powerful code-less design

Loops, conditions, and other drag and drop controls simplify test design creation, and JavaScript can still be used for extremely advanced cases. No need to be a specialist to test with NeoLoad.

Codeless performance test case design screen

Advanced correlation

Faster design of the painful task of correlating dynamic parameters with:

  • Pre-defined rules for the most common frameworks: .Net, JSF, Oracle E-Business, Siebel, and more
  • Automatic detection and handling of application-specific parameters
NeoLoad screen shhowing dynamic parameters for performance testing correlations

As-code design

NeoLoad aims to bridge the gap between Dev and QA by enabling DevOps teams to design and run performance tests as code (YAML) with their everyday development tool/IDE or CLI. Test as code and code-less testing let any user harness all the scalability, and test results analysis power, that are solution hallmarks.

NeoLoad screen of performance testing executed as code or commands

API testing

NeoLoad provides SOAP/Web Services support with options for REST and WSDL API testing. NeoLoad enables you to easily import Swagger/OpenAPI file or URL to quickly get a NeoLoad performance test scenario that matches the API definitions.

NeoLoad screen showing connection of Swagger and Open API for performance test APIs

Convert Tosca functional tests into performance tests

Convert existing functional test scripts to performance test scripts to accelerate performance test design and maintenance. NeoLoad converts Tricentis Tosca and Selenium functional tests into performance test scripts.

NeoLoad and Tosca screens showing how quickly users convert a functional test in Tosca into a performance test in NeoLoad

Automatic script update

Quickly update a test script with a new recording and automatically keep variable extractors, think times, SLAs, loops, JavaScript, validations, and more from the original design. Merely follow the Script Update wizard to guide you through matching up the transactions between the new recording and old recording, check that everything is merging, adding, or deleting correctly, and NeoLoad handles the rest.

NeoLoad's screen for automated script updates in a user friendly recorder/wizard

Performance test automation

CI/CD integrations

Collaborate across dev, QA, operations, and business teams to create a standardized performance testing approach throughout your enterprise. Regardless of skill set, users can define SLAs, share test assets, and review results while the test is running and after it completes.

NeoLoad CI/CD integrations screen showing Jenkins

API testing

Test earlier in the application lifecycle by testing at the API level.

  • SOAP / REST support
  • Assisted design with Swagger/Open API import and highly efficient extractors for fast test design and fewer errors in scripting
  • The API test cases can be created from NeoLoad GUI for the best efficiency, or from a YAML descriptor, to ease the collaboration and allow a simple text file edition
  • Test standalone APIs or APIs within end-to-end tests. Same solution, same skills
  • Devs, QA, PO, Ops share a common view of API performance
Screenshot of NeoLoad's capability of API integrations for load tests

Performance test as code for automation

NeoLoad supports both graphical and code-based approaches to performance engineering: create, define settings, and run performance tests as code using a YAML-based description format which is human readable, implementation agnostic, and domain specific to load testing. It’s great for developers, performance engineers, and business experts to collaborate on SLOs (Service Level Objectives), environment details such as service endpoint details, and load testing details such as ramp-up semantics.

Overriding a NeoLoad Project: NeoLoad provides the unique capability to override a GUI-based Project with a YAML text file so that it’s easy to set any environment contextual settings in an automated process.

100% YAML-based projects: An alternative is to create a 100% YAML-based project to define your API test.

NeoLoad supports Jenkins Pipeline as Code.

NeoLoad image of tests being run as code

Performance test analysis

Real-time test results

Analyze your test results live so you can react rapidly to an anomaly before the test is over. And leverage in-depth test reporting when the test is completed.

NeoLoad dashboard showing real time performance indicator metrics

Infrastructure monitoring

NeoLoad supports the monitoring of a broad range of infrastructure technologies including operating systems, application servers, web servers, databases, and network devices. See more technologies.

Graphic representation of the various monitors NeoLoad can run performance tests against infrastructure

APM integration: Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic

Collect performance metrics at the application components level to dive deeper into the performance load test analysis. Combining information obtained from performance testing (NeoLoad) with in-depth metrics from an application performance management tool helps accelerate the identification of root cause in highly complex applications.

NeoLoad screen of APM integrations for performance monitoring

SLA and thresholds

Automatic pass/fail performance SLA validation enables you validate every build.

NeoLoad threshold settings to validate releases meet performance standards prior to release

Performance test in the cloud

NeoLoad SaaS

Built directly into NeoLoad, choose from over 70 on-demand locations from seven different providers so that you never have to run the risk of testing from within the same data center as your infrastructure.

NeoLoad screen of the cloud platform for on-demand, globally distributed tests

Docker deployment

Controller and LoadGenerator Docker images are provided on DockerHub to ease the deployment of NeoLoad in a Docker-based environment.

NeoLoad Docker images for easy deployment

Dynamic infrastructure

NeoLoad natively interacts with container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, OpenShift, Microsoft AKS, Amazon EKS, and Google GKE to provision and use load testing infrastructure automatically, on demand. Controllers and load generators are spun up for the duration of the test and released once the test is finished. No need to write lengthy scripts to provision machines, manually connect dynamic testing resources to CI pipelines, or manually change the number of load generators used for a test.

NeoLoad screen with infrastructure provider connectivity options

Performance test collaboration

Test collaboration

Define and run your tests on NeoLoad’s centralized test infrastructure. Collaborate with everyone involved in NeoLoad performance test execution or analysis (i.e., testers, developers, QA managers, business stakeholders/product owners). NeoLoad is available through a SaaS-based deployment.

NeoLoad screen of collaboration feature with ability to connect to Git Repos

Resource Reservation

Reserve load testing infrastructure (i.e., controllers and load generators) and virtual users by date and duration to guarantee resources are dedicated for application performance testing for a specific team or team member and avoid testing schedule conflicts among the teams.

Calendar-like image showing NeoLoad's resource reservation dashboard

Version control with GIT & SVN

Manage and share test versions in Git or SVN. NeoLoad provides native integration for both standards to improve collaboration using the same corporate shared tools.

Version control options with images

Network virtualization

For the most real-world simulated mobile and web applications tests, NeoLoad emulates users accessing the server with varying bandwidths, latency, and packet loss with preconfigured values for varying signal strengths of 3G, 4G, WiFi, and more.

Image profiles for virtualization of various network speed scenarios for emulating performance tests under different circumstances

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