Tricentis NeoLoad

NeoLoad performance testing features

Customers tell us time and again, the reason they chose NeoLoad is because of its ease of use, speed to create and maintain tests, and scalability. Here are the NeoLoad features that make that happen.

Browser-based testing
Standard solution
Efficient technology
Ease of use
CI/CD integration
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NeoLoad RealBrowser - Browser-based testing
NeoLoad RealBrowser - Average duration
NeoLoad RealBrowser- Consistent Experience
NeoLoad RealBrowser Pipeline Integration
Powerful code-less design
Advanced correlation
As-code design
API testing
Convert Tosca functional tests into performance tests
Automatic script update
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CI/CD integrations
API testing
Performance test as code for automation
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Real-time test results
Infrastructure monitoring
Opensource performance tool integration |
JMeter and Gatling
APM integration |
Dynatrace, AppDynamics, New Relic, and Datadog
SLA and thresholds
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NeoLoad SaaS
Docker deployment
Dynamic infrastructure
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Test collaboration
Resource Reservation
Version control with GIT & SVN
Network virtualization
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