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Transform Your Business Operations with the Most Resilient RPA

Tricentis RPA helps you build a team that’s lean and agile. You will achieve unprecedented operational efficiency and delight your customers. Let’s drive your digital strategy together.

Tricentis RPA: Most-resilient.

Tricentis RPA provides RPA Studio and RPA Orchestrator—your workspace and cockpit.

Fastest Time to Business Value

through Best-in-Class Resiliency and Simplicity.

Resilient Automation

Resilient Automation helps sustain the business value you can extract from RPA.

Most RPA tools provide little more than screen scraping and UI automation. Bots created with these tools are brittle—easy to break and hard to recover from breakdowns—because they cannot adapt to changes in application UIs, data sources, or business processes. Tricentis RPA eliminates this problem with resilient bots, which are key for sustaining the business value of RPA.

Our scriptless, market-leading model-based approach lets business users create and implement resilient bots that are resistant to application, data, and process changes. Our bots continue to run while others stop working. When these changes are so significant that bot maintenance is necessary, business users can quickly update the bots themselves so that the bots can be up and running again in minutes.

Since Tricentis RPA offers more than 150 technology-specific adapters out of the box, you can instantaneously create and deploy error-resistant unattended bots across your core business applications—no IT help required. All of our bots provide built-in stability that can anticipate unusual circumstances and proactively mitigate automation failure.


Simple-to-use RPA will turn your practitioners into a business operations powerhouse.

Most RPA tools are script-based, and therefore not built for business practitioners. Tricentis believes that business experts, not IT, should be driving RPA. When business practitioners are forced to rely on IT and technical help to run RPA, the speed of implementation slows down while the time to achieving business value lengthens. With Tricentis, you empower your business practitioners and get the automation job done at an unprecedented speed.

Designed specifically for business professionals, Tricentis RPA does not require coding. We are committed to helping business users perform day-to-day automation tasks with ease, accuracy, and continuity. Workload and output will become far more predictable with Tricentis. Try our intuitive, scriptless interface and visual tooling to experience the difference.

Support for Over 150 Technologies

Unmatched support for 150+ technologies out-of-the-box enables a higher degree and coverage of automation.

Tricentis Democratizes RPA

with Model-Based Automation
Object Driven


A user interface designed specifically for the business user in business terms. No technical skills required.



Resilient bots quickly adapt to changes and help sustain the business value of RPA.



Broader automation coverage delivers a higher number of unattended bots compared to traditional RPA tools.