Automation Recording Assistant

Rapidly record and execute test automation

Tricentis Automation Recording Assistant (ARA) provides an intuitive record and playback experience that turns anyone into a test automation specialist.

Automation Recording Assistant

Jump Start Your Test Automation Strategy 

With our test automation recorder, manual testers, business users, and automation engineers can easily create automated tests for web and SAP applications from day one.


Simple, Powerful Recorder

Download and record without any complex setup or configuration.

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Streamline Collaboration

Collaborate better within software delivery teams by easily sharing recorded steps.


Execute Tests

Execute tests immediately after recording or convert them to Tosca test cases for enterprise automation.

Easily Record Business Processes 

With the Automation Recording Assistant, anyone can easily record business processes and instantly turn them into automated test cases. Simply turn on the recorder, and start your test automation journey today. 

Edit Recorded Steps

Seamless SAP Test Automation  

SAP business users typically help software delivery teams manually test and validate SAP changes. While their expert SAP knowledge proves valuable for testing upgrades, more time testing means less time for their actual responsibilities.    

By leveraging Tricentis ARA, SAP users can now seamlessly build automated test cases during their normal SAP routines. This helps them contribute to the core test automation team without disrupting normal SAP responsibilities. 

Tricentis ARA SAP Support

With ARA you can start automating in less than 5 minutes. 

Increase Risk Coverage, Automate Less  

ARA’s integration with Tricentis LiveCompare allows teams to quickly identify the most-at-risk objects, and then record the business processes to fill their test gaps.  

This removes the guessing game of test automation coverage and the headache of creating any missed test automation scenarios with our ‘no-code’ approach. 


LiveCompare and ARA

Integrated with Tosca Test Automation 

After recordings are complete, teams can easily export tests into Tosca Commander for distributed execution, continuous integration, test data management, and more.  

See how ARA and Tricentis Tosca work together below. 


Integrate ARA with Tosca

Compare ARA vs Tosca + ARA  

Extend ARA’s recording capabilities with Tosca for true end-to-end test automation. For more information, request a demo using ARA and Tosca today!

Compare Options

ARA Only

Tosca + ARA

Record and Playback

Create Tests and Edit Tests

Limited Features

Supported Technologies

Web and SAP WinGUI

Hundreds of Technologies & Apps

Distributed Testing

CI/CD Support

BI and Data Testing

Test Management

API Testing

Service Virtualization

Test Data Management

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