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Tricentis Testim

AI-powered test automation for web apps

Your agile team releases updates every week. You need a test automation platform that keeps pace and adapts to changes. Testim’s AI-powered SaaS platform helps you quickly write tests, minimize maintenance, and ship quality faster.

Test automation built for agile teams

Software-driven organizations innovate faster, delivering quality applications and services that separate their offerings from the competition. Testim is easy to use and handles your toughest testing challenges. It’s SaaS-based and AI-powered to help you test fast and keep releases on schedule.


Fast, flexible, and resilient

Tricentis Testim helps you author amazingly stable tests fast, minimizing test maintenance to help you match releases. With TestOps features built in, your team can better prioritize work, manage test changes to high standards, organize complexity, and grow efficiently.


Expand test coverage

Fast authoring increases coverage and quality across your application.


Reduce maintenance

Self-improving AI-powered stabilizers, eliminate flaky tests that eat resources.


Troubleshoot fast

Diagnose failed tests, pinpointing root cause to fix bugs and release faster.


Scale quality

Efficiently expand testing operations with control, management, and insights.

Case studies

Success stories

Read about some of the amazing things our customers accomplished with Testim.


How we do it

Record modular tests

Record user flows and configure them in the visual editor in minutes. AI helps you build well-architected, clean tests that optimize reuse and minimize maintenance. Learn more.


JavaScript customization

Add code to any test to run inside or outside the browser. Write JavaScript code in our rich, Monaco-based editor and share it across tests to leverage your expertise. Learn more.


Auto-improving smart locators

Testim’s AI assigns self-healing smart locators to lock in and find each web element. If scores decline due to page changes, Testim evaluates, tests, and auto-improves them before tests break. Learn more.


Root cause analysis

Diagnose failed tests with side-by-side highlighted screenshots, console logs, network logs, failure suggestions. Tag and trend failures identify systemic issues. Learn more.


Cross-browser grid

Don’t guess if it works on other browsers. Run cross-browser tests locally, on our grid, or any compatible Selenium grid. Run them on demand, on a schedule, or from your CI.



As your team, tests, and releases grow, you need to scale your operations efficiently. TestOps helps you manage test changes to high standards, organize teams and tests, and prioritize activities. Learn more.


Integrate Testim into your dev tools

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