Tricentis qTest

Powering Agile and DevOps workflows

Orchestration, automation, and communication are core tenets required for DevOps success. qTest Pulse helps improve these areas with easy-to-configure workflows that trigger updates across Agile and DevOps tools.


How it works

With qTest Pulse, create and store custom rules to automatically update tools across your delivery pipeline when certain actions occur.

Automatically orchestrate DevOps events

Sometimes testers communicate a defect description correctly, but it still takes too long to get the defect resolved. While developers might orchestrate an automated build job, they may not have communicated the results to everyone involved with product, dev, and QA, causing unnecessary delays.

Prevent communication breakdowns by automating updates across Agile teams. With qTest Pulse, set custom rules to remove bottlenecks and keep projects on schedule.

How Pulse is being used across the enterprise

While qTest Pulse’s flexibility allows for multiple use cases and workflows, take a look at one common way that qTest Pulse is being used to simplify enterprise DevOps.

Work with your community to perfect DevOps

When using qTest Pulse, you won’t be working alone. Our GitHub repository makes it easy to re-use existing rules or build new rules, and all of this is supported by the Tricentis community.