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Unified test management best practices

For faster, safer software releases, you need centralized management and visibility into software testing activities from idea to production. This is the curated collection of our best resources that share how to unify, orchestrate, and accelerate testing at scale with unified test management.


The test automation theory behind Specsavers’ DevOps transformation

Learn how Specsavers transformed testing and embedded quality across the DevOps pipeline.


Test automation management best practices: Centralize and scale with Tricentis qTest

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through how Tricentis qTest can help you manage and scale test automation across both open source and proprietary tools.


Using a standardized test management toolset as the foundation for automation across QA: The Nordea experience

Learn how Tricentis customer Nordea standardized QA and implemented a consistent test management toolset to scale test automation and support faster release cycles.


Improve quality in DevOps pipelines with Agile test management

Watch this webinar to learn how to put agile test management into action to modernize testing, improve DevOps workflows, and further DevOps success.

QA and testing for the era of cloud services at Global Payments

In this webinar, we discuss how to shift security testing left and how complex requirements can be simplified so that developers can become DevSec experts.


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