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Tricentis qTest

The enterprise BDD solution for Jira software

qTest Scenario Enterprise is an intuitive Jira app that helps Agile teams supercharge and scale their behavior driven development.

Team working on BDD

Big benefits for enterprise

Directly store all feature files in GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket to standardize feature files and scenario steps as code — and create, update, edit, and link feature files directly on the Jira interface to any issue type.



Streamline scenario creation

With a built-in Gherkin editor, you can create, copy, or link Cucumber features and scenarios directly in Jira. Leverage qTest Scenario’s autocomplete to reuse previously implemented Cucumber steps or outlines.


Supercharge collaboration

Keep testers, developers, and product owners in the loop with the ability to store and edit feature files centrally in Jira.


Improve traceability

Link test run results directly to Jira issues for instant test coverage reporting, so that stakeholders in Jira always know the progress of feature development.


Align through source code

Keep all stakeholders informed with real-time visibility into updates and changes to your features/scenarios from version control systems. qTest Scenario will update both Jira and your source-code repository with changes from both systems.

Shift testing left

Embrace BDD with qTest Scenario, which enables a test-first approach by facilitating test scenario creation and ensuring feature traceability.

Streamline BDD workflows

Easily manage end-to-end BDD workflows, from test creation and management, to execution, defect management, and resolution.

Optimize testing for DevOps

qTest Scenario pulls BDD feature files directly into a common location in Jira. This offers teams across the organization a single location to collaborate and provide feedback on features and scenarios. Leverage Jira workflows to easily group features and run certain batches of tests to align with DevOps releases.

Tricentis qTest DevOps testing optimization

Enterprise BDD reporting

Share your team’s BDD testing progress across the organization. Quickly pull coverage reports on the latest execution results from your automated test scenarios with Tricentis Analytics.

Tricentis qTest BDD reporting for the enterprise

User guide

Learn the ins and outs of using qTest.

Tricentis qTest user guides

Video training

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