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Continuous Delivery: The One Question You Must Answer


Join this webinar to learn about the single-most important question associated with Continuous Delivery: Does the release candidate have an acceptable level of risk?

An Introduction to Data Warehouse Testing


Learn why and how to get started with data warehouse testing—including an overview of what's involved and best practices for developing an effective data warehouse testing strategy.

Exploratory Testing for Mobile


Join this webinar to learn strategies applying exploratory testing given the constraints and complexities of mobile applications.

Microsoft Dynamics Testing Out-of-the-Box


Erfahren Sie alles über das Add-on zur führenden Lösung für Testautomatisierung Tricentis Tosca und sichern Sie die Qualität Ihrer Microsoft Dynamics 365-Geschäftsprozesse durchgängig.

Accelerating Test Automation for SAP S/4HANA and Fiori Applications


Join this webinar to learn how you can simplify and accelerate testing for S/4HANA and Fiori apps—achieving 80+% business risk coverage for your standard transactions as efficiently as possible.

Test Automation Essentials: What’s Needed to Accelerate Delivery


Software testing is cited as the #1 bottleneck to accelerated software delivery—but transforming testing can be a low-hanging fruit for speeding innovation, improving cost efficiency, and reducing business risks.

SAP Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing


Find out why it’s time to move towards Continuous Testing for your SAP-enabled business processes.

Does Testing Truly Improve Software?


Improving software needs a cause (testing = revealing the problem), which then hopefully leads to an effect (development = coding the problem solution). And due to the fact that without a cause there is no effect, testing improves software. Period.

How GDPR Impacts Your Software Testing


Agile development teams can’t ignore the changes that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) bring to software testing

Test-Driven Service Virtualization


Because enterprise applications are highly interconnected, development in stages puts a strain on the implementation and execution of automated testing. Service virtualization can be introduced to validate work in progress while reducing the dependencies on components and third-party technologies still under development.