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Reinvent Testing to Galvanize Digital Transformation


Reinventing testing doesn't just remove the “testing bottleneck” impeding innovation—It also drives the positive user experiences that can now make or break a business...

What’s New in Tricentis Tosca 12.0


Learn about the latest release which includes multiple new capabilities to help enterprises reinvent software testing for Agile and DevOps.

The Cost of Software Testing


Most people simply conclude that developers are value centers, and testers are cost centers. But developers' work also brings cost, and—more importantly—testers' work also brings value. It's time to reframe our thinking about testing.

Data Warehouse Testing—The Next Opportunity for QA Leaders


Data warehouse testing is fast-becoming a new opportunity for testers. This webinar features two experts discussing the importance of data testing and sharing insights gained from hands-on experience driving data testing initiatives at a major financial institution.

Beyond the Script Apocalypse: Model Driven Pipelines and Test Automation


Script-based testing seems easy to get started with, but can quickly turn into a high-maintenance nightmare, slowing down otherwise nimble DevOps and Agile teams with its piecemeal nature. See how model-driven pipelines and model-based automation can help you climb out of a scripting hole.

The Future of Load Testing is BLU


The world has changed tremendously since 1999—but most load testing approaches remain stuck in the past (alongside with VHS tapes, dial-up modems, and Y2K fears). Read this paper to learn about a browser-level load testing (BLU). BLU is a new “lean” approach to load testing gives Agile developers and testers fast feedback on performance—without all the hassles traditionally associated with performance testing.

For Agile Testing, Fail Fast with Test Impact Analysis


Today, developers expect feedback in a matter of minutes, but many regression test suites take hours (or days!) to execute. How can you integrate this testing into your CI/CD process? One way to significantly speed up testing without compromising test effectiveness is to apply test impact analysis. Test impact analysis is a change-based testing practice that rapidly exposes issues in new/modified code. With test impact analysis, you can uncover 90% of faulty builds in 2% of the complete test execution time.

Agile Developers Test, But Aren’t Testers


There’s a great debate stirring about how much testing responsibility should be transferred to developers—and how important it is for testers to know programming. Read this paper to explore the top 3 ways that expecting developers becoming testers (and expecting testers becoming programmers) can undermine the goals of Agile.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Test Automation 2017


Gartner evaluates the major vendors used to accelerate and scale functional automated testing as well as enable the Continuous Testing required by DevOps.

How Manual SAP Testing Falls Short—and What You Can Do About It


Learn why manual testing falls short in modern SAP environments and how SAP test automation addresses these shortcomings—accelerating project timelines while reducing risks.