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How Vision AI enables coders, businesspeople, and testers to reach stable automation

Manual testing is becoming more costly and time consuming than ever before. Of course, there is test automation to speed this up, but you still need to wait until your application is ready to start the real automation. Nowadays, the ‘shift left’ is requested more and more, so even for test automation, it is not valid anymore to wait until your app is stable.

To combat this, we’ve developed innovative and automated software testing through exploring a new approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this session, we will be showcasing VisionAI, the Neural Optical engine. You can already automate from a design, and when your app is ready, you can run immediately. Enabling you to do full automation and a complete ‘shift-left’.

Watch this webinar to understand how VisionAI enables coders, businesspeople, and testers to reach stable automation through the next generation of automation technology.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How VisionAI works. How a real neural network identifies all your objects, even from a design.
  • How artificial intelligence can support companies in making a shift-left and speed up testing and automation.
  • How to analyze the landscape of AI software testing technologies and understand how it can provide the greatest value to your organization.

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