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How to avoid the hazards that can wreck your analytical and operational data with Tricentis Data Integrity

If you’re responsible for providing high-quality analytical and operational data to the business, internal compliance teams, and external regulators, this webinar is for you.

Join us to learn about a new approach to reducing the costly data errors that get introduced as your data travels across your application and analytics ecosystems. We’ll share how increasingly complex application and data landscapes have created new data integrity challenges and how smart automation technology can ensure your data arrives intact and fit for purpose wherever it travels.

Tune in to see how you can catch more errors upfront and avoid the costly consequences of poor-quality data by:  

  • Testing your data end-to-end – from your original data sources through your data warehouse to your reports, dashboards, or business processes 
  • Testing at speed and scale – using unique model-based automation technology that works on any type of data 
  • Pinpointing the root cause of data errors – so your teams can quickly fix problems before they become costly downstream issues 

Deliver data that both the business and regulators trust and keep your operations running smoothly by applying the discipline and power of end-to-end testing to your data. 

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