Why AI is critical to the future of testing

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Why AI is critical to the future of testing

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We’ve already undergone quite a journey to evolve from “classical testing” and test automation to Continuous Testing.  Nevertheless, when we look into the future, it’s clear that even Continuous Testing will not be sufficient. We need help. We need “Digital Testing” to achieve further acceleration and meet the quality needs of a future driven by IoT, robotics, and quantum computing. AI, imitating intelligent human behavior for machine learning and predictive analytics, can help us get there.

Read this paper by Tricentis founder Wolfgang Platz to learn how AI can take software testing to the next level, including:

  • Why AI is now more feasible—and critical—than ever
  • What AI really is and how it’s best applied
  • How AI can help us test smarter, not harder
  • The role of smart testing technologies that aren’t technically “AI” (e.g., self-healing technologies)

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