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Continuous Testing Maturity Model

Data Sheet

If you’re among the 81% of organizations adopting DevOps or 91% adopting Agile, Continuous Testing is no longer optional. To meet business expectations, an optimized Continuous Testing practice is critical for gaining real-time insight into the business risk of your release candidates. Optimized Continuous Testing is not simply a matter of adding more automated tests. It requires a deeper transformation that impacts people, process, and technologies.

Based on our experience guiding enterprise testing teams to optimized Continuous Testing, Tricentis has developed a Continuous Testing Maturity Model.

Download the maturity model to assess where your team stands today and understand what’s needed to progress from one level to the next. You’ll learn about the 5 different levels of Continuous Testing maturity:

  • Initial
  • Aligned
  • Managed
  • Mature
  • Optimized