Continuous Testing Tool Comparison

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Continuous Testing Tool Comparison


With Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery adoption rates rising fast, Continuous Testing is becoming essential for software testing professionals. As a result, many software testers are researching how to get started with Continuous Testing–including what Continuous Testing tools can help drive an effective Continuous Testing process.

No tool or technology can instantly “give” you Continuous Testing. Like Agile and DevOps, Continuous Testing requires changes throughout people, processes, and technology/tools. However, trying to initiate the associated change in people and processes when your Continuous Testing tool set is not up to the task will be an uphill battle from the start…and ultimately a losing one.

So, how do you identify what Continuous Testing tool and vendor can set you on the right path? One option is to review Forrester’s extensive Continuous Testing tool research and recommendations. To help software testing professionals evaluate and compare the top Continuous Testing tools, Forrester selected the top 11 tools that provide cross-browser testing, mobile testing, UI testing, and API testing capabilities. After evaluating these Continuous Testing tools based on vendor interviews, product evaluations, and customer interviews, they scored the tools on 33 criteria and ranked them against one another.

Download the report to see how each Continuous Testing tool measures up and make the right choice for your team.

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