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Panel discussion: Creating positive digital experiences through testing

Out of all the roles on a software delivery team, testers are the closest to the user experience. As such, they have a unique perspective on how that experience could be improved, whether it is through streamlined delivery processes, improved collaboration, or new methods and tools that get innovation out the door faster.

But once you have an idea for how to improve, how do you bring that change to your organization?

In this panel discussion moderated by the hosts of Techstrong TV, we will get answers to that question from a variety of perspectives – including quality champions who have risen through the ranks to drive positive change and DevOps leaders who have experienced the profound impact of a quality-centric approach first-hand. 

Alan Shimel
CEO & Founder, Techstrong Group

Mitch Ashley
CTO, Techstrong Group

Rosalind Radcliffe
Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Brian Dawson
DevOps evangelist and practitioner, CloudBees

Adam Satterfield
Chief Executive Senior Director of Engineering Enablement, Global Payments

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