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How to design tests for highly efficient risk coverage

Not all software requirements are created equal from a risk perspective. The same holds true for the tests created to validate those requirements. A single strategically designed test can help you achieve as much, if not more, risk coverage than 10 other tests that were “intuitively” designed for the same requirement. 

This paper by Tricentis Founder Wolfgang Platz explains how to test your highest-risk requirements as efficiently as possible. Read it to learn about a “less is more” strategy for determining the fewest possible tests needed to (1) reach your risk coverage targets and (2) ensure that when a test fails, you know exactly what application functionality to investigate.  

It covers: 

  • Why and how to define equivalence classes for the application’s business logic 
  • How to use combinatorics approaches to cover that logic thoroughly and efficiently 
  • A comparison of popular combinatorics approaches (linear expansion, pairwise, orthogonal, etc.) 

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