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Estimate how increasing risk coverage impacts quality and costs

White Paper

Test automation helps you increase risk coverage, reduce the amount of errors in production and therefore lower the costs resulting from these errors. Every time we release an application, there are three vertices at play: Time, cost and outcome. One desired outcome when testing software projects is high risk coverage. But how do you measure the value of this risk coverage in terms of quality and cost? 

This paper outlines a process for measuring how achieving a given risk coverage will impact the number of software errors that reach production. With that measurement, you can then estimate the cost savings associated with that level of risk coverage. 

Download the paper to  learn how to estimate the impact of increasing risk coverage across: 

  • Custom applications that are written from scratch.  
  • Packaged applications (e.g., SAP, Salesforce, Oracle EBS, etc.)  
Estimate Risk Coverage and Quality Impact

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