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Mapping your SAP modernization journey: How to define the right path for your business

Most existing SAP environments were never designed to cope with the level of demand and uncertainty the past year has brought us. Rapid disruption to supply and demand chains, business workflows, and entire business models have made the need for agility and responsiveness more acute today than ever before. As the foundation of an organization’s most critical business processes, modernizing SAP can be incredibly powerful – but it must be done carefully, in a way that takes your organization’s unique SAP environment, application architectures, and broader digital transformation objectives into account. 

Whether you are moving SAP workloads to the cloud, migrating to S/4HANA, or catching up on ECC updates, a well-planned approach will help you both deliver quick wins and pave the way to the future. In this webinar, we’ll share best practices for defining and implementing a successful SAP modernization plan. 

You will learn:

  • Different paths to SAP modernization, and the key elements for success at each stage
  • How to incorporate SAP modernization into your organization’s larger cloud and digital transformation strategies
  • How to minimize impact to existing workflows, including complex business processes that span multiple applications

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