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Simplify mobile-first testing with Tricentis Tosca 15.0

To deliver high quality mobile applications, testing teams must contend with near-endless scenarios in a highly fragmented environment. Those who get it right stand to make significant gains in customer reach and revenue, as mobile quickly outpaces desktop as the primary source of web traffic worldwide. Success will require testing teams to keep on top of new OS versions and the accompanying API changes, as well as ensure the app keeps working without issues on older devices and OS versions.  

In response to these challenges, Tricentis has released a new mobile engine that simplifies cross-platform testing, reduces test cycle time, and improves test coverage with mobile emulator and simulator support – all with a completely codeless approach. Watch this webinar for a first look at the new mobile engine in Tricentis Tosca 15.0, and a demo of the key enhancements that can help you significantly streamline mobile testing, including: 

  • iOS support on Windows, which enables you to automate test suites for iOS with a Windows machine​ 
  • Flutter support, which simplifies cross platform testing for Flutter-based iOS and Android apps​ 
  • React Native support for developing and executing automated scenarios against both debug and release builds 
  • Simplified mobile cloud connectivity with a cloud-agnostic solution that supports emulators and simulators for virtual device testing 

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