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Orchestrated Service Virtualization

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For automated tests to execute successfully, all of the dependent systems must be available with the appropriate configuration, functionality and test data—all at the same time, every time the automated test suite executes. However, this is easier said than done, given application complexity, test environment access constraints, test data constraints, and more.

Tricentis Orchestrated Service Virtualization (OSV) helps you stabilize access to dependent systems so that tests can execute completely, reliably, and continuously.

Download the factsheet to find out more about how Tricentis Tosca OSV can help you:

  • Enable CI and Continuous Testing
  • Eliminate testing delays and test data hassles
  • “Shift-left” testing
  • Reduce testing costs

Download the factsheet to find out more about:

  • Simulation of Real System Environments
  • Effortless Verification & Analysis
  • Tosca Integration